Environmentally Friendly Processing: Arsenic Dilution

Trio Resources is poised toward future development through which we believe our processes may become licensed, in order to help with current wastewater issues at former mining sites that are affecting potential drinking and ground water resources. Our technology partners are using the most recent innovations in Carbon Nano Tube Technologies to create absorption material media that can capture a variety of highly dangerous toxins

Trio is using a sophisticated modern absorption process to handle the wastewater created in the milling process.  This process has been developed for our particular mineralogy and allows for environmentally friendly waste material to be processed into usable commercial material.  The waste material can go to the landfill or be used as a fertilizer surfactant depending on the economic profile.

Ferric-based media is used for the removal of arsenic and other heavy metals from treated wastewater and drinking water supplies.  Pre-oxidation is not required for arsenic removal applications.  Once the media has exhausted its absorption capacity, it is removed from the system’s vessel and replaced with new media. The entirety of this process is qualified under NSF Standard 61.  The treatment process removes the following contaminants: Arsenic (III & IV), Phosphate, Chromium, Selenium, Antimony, and Copper.

The media is developed in-house using unique established absorption techniques and materials modified using proprietary technology specifically to fit the geology of the particular mine.  Moreover, further development and testing is ongoing with the potential of licensing for broad base use, thus giving Trio a competitive technological advantage.