Trio has two Muck piles, the main of which contains an estimated 910,000 tons of material. This material has been assayed to contain an average of 10 ounces of silver per ton. Moreover, Trio’s Tailings pond has been tested for mineralization based on core drilling by the previous owner, and has demonstrated varied mineralization. The Tailing’s pond is estimated to contain 347,870. The Muck pile and Tailings pond material(s) will be blended in with Crushed Material B and the Trench Material in order to increase recovery rate across the mill.


Our current property is situated in a strategic location as a keystone to former mining facilities in the area, which boasts hydro-electrical connection on the property, close access to water sources, and well developed roads close to railway lines for transportation. Our property holds incredible historic mining results, and our Tailings facility has a current additional capacity of up to 500,000 tons, requiring nominal work to become fully operational.