Trio Resources’ mission is the acquisition and development of assets in historically prolific mining districts, and the application of modern prospecting and development techniques to mineral deposits which have only recently become economically viable to develop.

Trio Resources, Inc. (“Trio”) is a Canadian exploration and small-scale processing company which plans to focus on the exploration and milling of precious metals located in historically prolific regions. Trio is organized to hold assets in the mining industry, targeting older mining camps with residual value. Trio’s intention is to conduct an extensive exploration program, in conjunction with milling initiatives to monetize its existing above-ground mineralized material on-site, with the purpose of being cash-flow positive. Trio aims to achieve this primarily through milling and marketing mineralized material and concentrate to refiners, as well as producing precious metals and other valuable minerals. Trio’s business plan is currently focused on monetizing existing assets and beginning exploration on its existing property.